The Changing Face Of Fitness

The Changing Face Of Fitness

A few months back a new client approached me in my capacity as a Strength & Conditioning coach. She wanted to run in the first ever “Spartan Race” to be held in Qld. She had been going to a bootcamp for some time, had lost heaps of weight & was quite cardio fit but what she lacked was the functional strength (particularly upper body) to complete this kind of event (Obstacle Course Racing) with confidence. Obstacle Course Racing is a sport that requires a multi-faceted fitness preparation including cardio fitness to run distances ranging from 5km to 21km & now even 42km whilst along the way completing many obstacles that require various functional strength capacities.

Her situation re-inforced to me that no one type of training will give you everything you might need and that far too many “Fitness Professionals” come to believe that their particular “world” is perhaps the best or “one & only”

Some examples of this situation are:-

   1.In the industry we have the Isolationists & the Functional Trainers. Two different schools of thought. Whilst I am at heart a Functional Trainer I do also believe there is still need for isolation training in some situations.

   2.I’ve previously spoken of Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) & it’s benefits. I get great results from this form of training but it too has it’s limitations. eg. It wont prepare you to say run a 20 km race.

   3.Bootcamps-(to some extent can be a form of MRT if heavier weights are utilized) Bootcamps are everywhere and yes, they do get great results with weight loss (but often some of this is muscle mass loss which is not a good thing)

   4.Crossfit-(probably the hardest form of MRT) Again, it definately works but is technicality differcult for the beginner with phsio’s claiming an increase in injury rates. My opinion is that they are good but not everyone’s cup of tea. Again, it does not prepare you for all things. eg. If your sport requires a fair component of running or cardio exertion over an extended period then crossfit wont give it to you.

So what is the answer? Basically the human body adapts specifically to the training regime so we need to train specifically for our choosen event or goal.

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