Sports Specific Training-What is it?

Sport Movement

Optimal performance dependent on effective and efficient movement. Techniques to improve speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) include functional readiness assessments, dynamic warm-up, balance and equilibrium, nervous system activation, multidirectional movement mechanics and deceleration in a scientific and practical format suitable for athlete training, teams, functional training and post injury return to action.

Sports Strength

Effective methods for improving an athlete’s ability to transfer force from the legs through the core to the upper body. By increasing an athlete’s muscle hypertrophy, strength, multi joint power, rotary power and segmental plyometrics through innovative multiplaner exercises we provide a cutting edge approach to developing a functional body that better expresses and integrates strength for life and sport, and enhances reactivity for muscle and joint durability.

Sport Balance

Game breaking plays are the result of power initiated from the perfect moment of transitional balance. Techniques designed to improve proprioception, stability, and muscular coordination will reduce the incidents of injury as well as improve joint stability required for improved power initiation. Static, dynamic, and “act and react” balance challenge concepts for legs, core and upper body, and fitness and rehabilitation.