Simple Habits for Fat Loss

Simple Habits for Fat Loss

People who design their own fat loss programs more often then not fail. (some research indicates up to 98% of the time) This is not because fat loss is hard. It’s because most people make fat loss hard by trying to learn & do too much at once. It’s “all or nothing” at it’s worst, and this it what leads to a staggeringly high rate of failure.

Successful, lasting change only happens by introducing new habits/behaviors slowly– and only when a person is truly confident they can do them.

So first up make a list of proven habits & behaviors that will help lose fat. For example:-

1.Exercise for 30 minutes

2.Drink at least 8 cups of water

3.Eat at least 4 one-cup servings of vegetables

4.Sleep at least 8 hours (including naps & night time sleep)

5.Take fish oil & perhaps a multivitamin daily

6.During each meal, stop eating when 80% full

7.Eat 4 to 5 meals

8.Eat lean protein with each meal

9.Replace grains with greens during each meal

Next, choose one that seems easy to you & ask yourself “On a scale of 1-10, how confident am I that I can do this habit every day for the next 14 days?” If the answer is a 9 or 10, get started. BUT if your answer is less than 9, choose a different habit or make that habit easier until you’re confident you can do it. For example, instead of exercising for 30 minutes could you do 15 minutes, or maybe even less. Give yourself permission to make it easier until you’re confident of a 9/10 on the scale. Then do it.

BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Forget what you think you should be able to do, what can you do, right now? People need to start with one, quick, easy habit that can be done  each day. Confidence in being able to do this is what separates those who succeed from those who fail.

So in summary-You can’t do it all at once, every day. But you don’t have to.

-Begin by choosing only one new habit that you’re confident you can do for 14 days & do it. Then add another habit only after you’ve mastered the first one. If you’re feeling confident & want to try a couple of new habits at the same time that’s OK BUT only if you’re at 9/10 on the confidence scale