Tailoring individual rehabilitation programs for clients with musculoskeletal conditions or injuries.

We work in conjunction with and following your physiotherapist to treat the underlying cause of your problem.

Rehab Training Assistance

Benefits of Rehab Training

  • Totally relieve or reduce your pain.
  • Help you recover quicker to speed your return to normal activities.
  • Improve your flexibility, quality of movement, proprioception, balance & co-ordination.
  • Help you to prevent future injury recurrences.
  • Increase your functional fitness.

How does our Rehab Trainer assist you


Progressive active mobilisation which includes:-

  • Strengthening exercises to maintain or balance muscle condition, minimize disuse atrophy & increase circulation.
  • Flexibility exercises to help restore normal joint range & motion & help with prevention of further injury.
  • Proprioceptive retraining (balance & stability exercises) to increase speed & efficiency of muscular control to prevent re-injury.
  • Endurance exercises  to maintain muscle mass, improve cardiovascular fitness, provide metabolic stimulation as well as positive psychological effects.

Followed by

Functional training:-

  • To combine the above components and thus allow coordinated effective movement. This training is progressive as healing/reconditioning allows. The workouts are designed to restore & enhance function & minimize problems.

Observation and Recommendation

In over 20 years of coaching/training field sport athletes, 18+ years full time as a Personal Trainer (11 of those years as a qualified Rehab Trainer) I have encountered too many people who did not complete their recommended rehab. The most common reasons were that the pain was gone, they didn’t have the time and didn’t see the need.

In all of those that I subsequently trained, regardless of the elapsed time frame since original injury, relative muscle strengths, firing patterns and range of motion (ROM) remained impaired to the point of loss of some functionally.

The body is amazing but it can’t fix itself. Make the effort to do the recommended Rehab Training.

Remember “To move better is to live better”


I was first referred to Achievable Fitness Services by my physiotherapist to help manage problems with sciatica/back issues and haven’t looked back since. Training with Wal is unlike anything you will ever find in a gym environment, he respects and understands where you are at in your fitness and confidence levels and builds you up from there. He is knowledgeable, experienced and takes the time to get to know his clients and their individual needs. The workouts are really well structured and tailored to the individual/injury while challenging and encouraging you to reach that little bit further every time.
I have made so much progress since I started training with Wal and I can’t recommend Achievable Fitness Services enough.

Katie W18/6/17


I was originally referred to Wal Martin from Achievable Fitness Services (AFS) by my physio to provide stabilization and strengthening following a knee injury. In the course of incurring this particular injury I discovered that I struggled to get back up off the floor without assistance.

Wal addressed both upper body strength and balance issues in conjunction with knee strengthening.

I also have an arrhythmia and prior to training with Wal could not exercise for long without the need to lie down. Four years on I still train 3 times a week at AFS and my improved strength, fitness, balance and in particular endurance contribute significantly to allowing me to pursue my interest in bush walking. Last year I walked the Inca Trail in Peru. Perhaps most importantly, I no longer worry about restricting my lifestyle due to my heart condition.


After multiple injuries I was unable to undertake strenuous exercise. Once my physio gave me the all clear to do moderate and restricted exercise I contacted Wal at Achievable Fitness Services. I needed a trainer who would understand my limitations, but also assist in my rehabilitation and return to exercise.

Wal developed sessions to meet my specific rehabilitation needs. Wal challenges me within my injury capabilities but made sure there was no risk of damage. He has a thorough understanding of how the body works.

I finally look forward to my workouts as Achievable Fitness Services has ensured that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. Wal is always reliable and I am extremely grateful for his teaching and the encouragement he continues to give me.

Jodie D

Jodie D1/8/17