Performance Pyramid

Below is a brief article I was asked to write in relation to OCR Training but the Performance Pyramid applys to any & all sports/fitness regimes.



   Do not neglect the “Performance Pyramid”. This consists of 3 levels:-

Level 1. Foundation- develope a full range of movement throughout numerous positions to maximize functionality including flexibility & stability.

Level 2. Movement Efficiency- via measurable strength & power.

Level 3. Performing a Sports Specific activity.

All too many people, both experienced & novice, in their enthusiasm to “perform” (Level 3) attempt too differcult a movement pattern BEFORE building a “foundation” (Level 1) – Result – Injury & performing below expectation or not even competing!

eg. To climb a rope or swing across monkey bars we need to hold AND control bodyweight via good core strength, shoulder stability, arm & grip strength in several different planes of movement during one motion. By all means come & try these obstacles asap but first attempts should be in a controlled range of movement & then progressively build upon that.

Some good basic foundation exercises you should be doing as part of your prep for an Obstacle Race are Chin Ups (Assisted initially), Farmers Walks, One Arm Overhead Kettlebell Carry & Finger Carries with plate weights to name but a few.