Obstacle Course Race Training – Our Changing Face Of Fitness

Given my comments in previous blogs you may realise that here at Achievable Fitness Services we are ourselves evolving to give our clients what they need to achieve their fitness goals in an ever changing environment whilst getting MORE ENJOYMENT along the way.

Whilst maintaining our traditional services in the areas of Strength Training/ Rehab Training/ Older Adults/ Children/ Functional Fitness & Fat Loss utilising a variety of modalities like Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) & Effective Movement Training (EMT) we now specialise in Obstacle Course Race Training (OCR Training)

WHY ?             Because:-

1. It’s Both Fun & Different. (As are the races for those who choose to do them. For those who don’t the training itself is still fun & different.)

2. It takes the best from popular options like bootcamp & crossfit plus options that should be popular like MRT & EMT & combines them all together with a bigger dollop of, yes you guessed it, FUN, then perhaps most of us would get from them individually.

3. For a standard group fitness session price you get the required specific combination of Foundation Strength Training, Cardio Training & Obstacle Training on real race like obstacles.

4. Having a well equipped , spacious studio gym with indoor / outdoor capabilities gave us the perfect platform to build onto to become a true OCR Specialist that can give the required specificity to the training for the sport.


Enquire about joining our closed facebook group “AFS Obstacle Racing and Training Group” where all our race events are listed along with photo albums of training & racing etc. This will give you a feel for what we have quickly come to call our new “sport”. It IS addictive ( and GOOD for you )   WIN WIN