EDGE Electrolytes

WHY EDGE Electrolytes?

“A WORLD FIRST IN HYDRATION FORMULATION” (From pure ocean water off the coast of Southern Australia & packaged in Brisbane)
By applying sound nutritional science backed up with decades of industry experience Edge now manufactures the world’s FIRST Sports Hydration Mix that contains “ONE” single ingredient as an electrolyte source. This is NATURE’S electrolyte solution, containing over 70 naturally occurring major and trace minerals. THIS IS THE KEY as these elements are already in an “elemental” state and therefore have high levels of bio-availability to our body. This cannot be matched by any man-made compound (which usually contain only a few electrolytes) either in electrolyte content or rapid uptake.


Call Wal Martin on 0414557972 or email: achievablefitness@msn.com

A Comment from our Director.

With over 25 years in the Sports, Health & Fitness industries I have seen countless products hit the market but this is the FIRST one that I believe is so far in front of it’s competitors that AFS has taken a “Distributor” role’. We are seeking introductions to, or expressions of interest from Personal Trainers, Fitness Studios, Sports Clubs, Coaches, Supplement Stores etc that may be interested in becoming a “Retailer” for this fantastic product.

Ben Schuster
After using edge electrolytes during the 50km spartan ultra a month ago I decided to give edge the ultimate test and use it as my hydration aid when competing in the 24hr obstacle world championships. I can safely say that over 100km, 23hrs in and I had not experienced one cramp at all. My body was far from dehydrated. I would definitely recommend this product, I used the berry and the line between laps and both tasted good and went down easy.

An easy 5 stars from my perspective, I’ll continue to use edge as my main hydration aid during my training

Ben Schuster