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Sit Ups and Crunches – To Do or Not To Do ?

Regularly in social media feeds I see exercise programs posted. It concerns me that Sit Ups and Crunches are still a component on a regular basis. (And not just a few but more often in large numbers like 100 in one set)  My other concern is the likelihood that in many instances these sit ups […]

Sports Specific Training-What is it?

Sport Movement Optimal performance dependent on effective and efficient movement. Techniques to improve speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) include functional readiness assessments, dynamic warm-up, balance and equilibrium, nervous system activation, multidirectional movement mechanics and deceleration in a scientific and practical format suitable for athlete training, teams, functional training and post injury return to action. Sports […]

Notice Board

NOTICE BOARD   GIFT CERTIFICATES Consider a GIFT CERTIFICATE For your loved one. The gift that keeps on giving. Birthdays, Christmas or just because you care! Available in one, three or twelve session packs or ten & twelve week blocks.

Simple Habits for Fat Loss

Simple Habits for Fat Loss People who design their own fat loss programs more often then not fail. (some research indicates up to 98% of the time) This is not because fat loss is hard. It’s because most people make fat loss hard by trying to learn & do too much at once. It’s “all […]

The Changing Face Of Fitness

The Changing Face Of Fitness A few months back a new client approached me in my capacity as a Strength & Conditioning coach. She wanted to run in the first ever “Spartan Race” to be held in Qld. She had been going to a bootcamp for some time, had lost heaps of weight & was […]

Obstacle Course Race Training – Our Changing Face Of Fitness

Given my comments in previous blogs you may realise that here at Achievable Fitness Services we are ourselves evolving to give our clients what they need to achieve their fitness goals in an ever changing environment whilst getting MORE ENJOYMENT along the way. Whilst maintaining our traditional services in the areas of Strength Training/ Rehab […]

Performance Pyramid

Below is a brief article I was asked to write in relation to OCR Training but the Performance Pyramid applys to any & all sports/fitness regimes.     TIPS FOR THE NOVICE    Do not neglect the “Performance Pyramid”. This consists of 3 levels:- Level 1. Foundation- develope a full range of movement throughout numerous […]