I’ve been a member of gyms and had personal trainers in the past years, but this is the first time I’ve enjoyed myself and love coming back. I’m achieving good results. Wal is amazingly knowledgable with new goals for us each week.

Betty 13/3/2013
Gina F

After a 5 year hiatus, I have recently returned to Achievable Fitness Services. During my time away, I was a member of countless gyms and fancy fitness clubs. Never did I achieve my desired outcomes at these gyms. Wal gives a personalised and professional service the big gyms don’t and for an extremely affordable price. I find him to be motivating and helps me achieve my personal goals without being pushy and overbearing. I have found all of his staff and students to display the same manner. Whether it be to lose weight, tone up or just improve general fitness, I would highly recommend Wal to any of my family and friends.

Gina F 12/3/2013
Kim Mooney

Wal is hands down the best Personal Trainer I have ever had, and I can’t imagine ever leaving. Wal is absolutely fantastic with varying the workouts so you never know what you’ll be doing next and the time flies by. The facilities are great, everything you could possibly need is there and I’m never using the same equipment week to week. I can’t recommend Wal highly enough.

Kim Mooney 12/3/2013
Rebecca Tregea

I was introduced to Wal quite some time ago through a mutual friend. I found Wal and his staff to be very helpful and polite, but still firm enough to push you for the results that you want to achieve.

I no longer train with Wal, but I now have enrolled my 10 yr old son to Wal for training. Wal and his staff make the exercise and the time that Brock spends there very enjoyable. I am pleasantly surprised at how eager Brock is to keep returning. We never have to remind him that it is gym day, in fact he reminds us. This is only because Wal, his staff and other clients make it so enjoyable. Wal also explains the benefits of exercise and eating healthy to Brock, but does it in a relaxed manner, and remembers he is only 10 yrs old.

Myself, my husband and Brock strongly recommend anyone that is thinking of joining a gym or employing a personal trainer to go visit Wal. He is very welcoming and pleased to see anyone of any age, shape or size walk through his doors. He will consider what you want to achieve, any personal sickness or injury and work with you to improve your health, all with a smile on his face.

Rebecca Tregea 03/03/13

I would highly recommend this Studio gym if you are looking for a “non typical” gym and a Personal Trainer that focuses on you and not just sucking up your $$$$$. Wal is the best and has extensive knowledge to help you achieve your goals and work with any problems that you have. I have a mild back condition and Wal designs workouts/programs to improve my condition. This gym is extremely flexible with your lifestyle and is a great place to come in and get your workout done with a great environment and a passionate Personal Trainer that truly cares about you!

Brooke12 02/03/13
Maria B

This gym/studio is well stocked, low priced, excellent value and you will always receive a warm welcome! It is always fun and paced for your needs and levels. I needed rehabilitation and am diabetic and Wal could help me-happy me! My lower back ache has gone and I feel great! My posture is also improved. I really look forward to my time there. Excellent.

Maria B 26/2/2013
Terry Bryan

Since attending Wal’s gym I have improved my overall fitness and strength. The studio has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I will highly recommend the studio and enjoy going. It is great value for money and Wal takes a personal interest and plans your exercise regime to help you.

Terry Bryan 27/2/2013

I have been to the flashy big gyms with loud music and leotards and as a senior I hated it. But I found this gym and absolutely love it. Wal is very knowledgeable with many years experience. I have a back problem and he tailored my program to manage my problem. This gym is small, personal and intimate and I enjoygoing, have been going for many years. I highly recommend it.

Marge G 24/2/2013
Chloe Falwasser

Couldn’t be happier with Wal. I didn’t want to be a member of a gym but still knew I needed someone to motivate me to reach my goals.

Wal has helped me every step of the way to achieve those goals and maintain them. I highly recommend anyone to come and see Wal. It will be the best choice you have made all year.

Chloe Falwasser 21/2/2013
Jennifer Taylor

I am writing to thank you for your assistance with my fitness and wellbeing over the last six months. Your personal training service has far exceeded my expectations and I have well and truly achieved the goals we set at our initial interview.

I really appreciate the program you formulated for me (that I can take with me to Melbourne!) Your attention to detail with regard to correct technique, posture and balance shows your knowledge while somehow you manage to make working really hard fun.

Thank you for your professional conduct. It did not take long at all for me to feel comfortable and able to trust you which is not such an easy thing to achieve these days. I would fully recommend your business to anyone. I know that clients of yours can expect and look forward to quality and varied programs, a high level of professionalism, flexibility and very reasonable rates.

Jennifer Taylor 6/12/2002
Steve Jansen

There’s this little place on Watland
Where we’re helped to shed our weight
It’s run by Mr Wal Martin
He’s our trainer, but more like a mate

Another year over
And what a year it’s been
We’re all a little wiser
For things we’re shown & seen

Wal’s still moulding us
Into the people we want to be
He teaches us Strength, Movement & Balance
For he’s a specialist you see

He focuses our efforts
And pushes us to our max
There’s not a lot this man can’t do
Cause Wal knows all the facts

He takes care of our fitness
Slowly as we go
We’re all a work in progress
With each shed kilo

Business award won
Now hangs proudly on the wall
The fitness service we attend
Has something for us all.

But that only show us
What we all knew before
That Wal helps everyone
Who walks through his door

Remember there’s no limit
To what we can achieve
If we make the effort
To be the best that we can be

So this little place on Watland
Is the place to shed your weight?
To gain back your fitness is one thing
But you’ll be doing it with a mate

Steve Jansen 5/12/2008
Louise Falwasser

I first started personal training under Wal Martin almost 2 years ago following a fairly traumatic skiing injury to both my knees. I was very dubious at first; however with Wal’s encouragement and expertise, I was able to run again, a feat that thought would never occur. As an added bonus, I lost 10kgs in weight and have kept this off, but more than that, I have developed a disciplined approach to exercise and enjoy the sessions, as Wal is firm but fun. This is an approach that suits me and makes sure that the training time is relaxing, as I find it winds me down after a busy day, due to the change of focus. I would recommend Wal to anyone who s seeking to change their lifestyle and needs the discipline of a friendly and affordable personal trainer. The benefits are far reaching in both work and home life where fitness levels enable me to be a far more energetic and upbeat person that I was previously. I also went skiing again this year, another milestone that I thoroughly enjoyed and hope to be able to continue in the years to come.

Louise Falwasser 22/12/2008
Louise Natusch

I have been attending gyms on and off for years, I have had personal trainers who can be effective, there are a lot out there who are unsafe, and ultimately end up being to expensive to maintain.

My problem was motivation to get to the gym, I know keeping strong and fit is beneficial to your whole being, yet that knowledge was not transferringinto action.

I stumbled across Achievable Fitness in Watland Street, and met Wal. I now make appointment times with Wal for my sessions, which is brilliant – I’m getting to the gym consistently !! (Consistency is the key)

Wal looks after my programs, provides technical feedback, motivation and encouragement, all this at an affordable price.

My experience of personal trainers, and my own education in personal training, has led me to believe that training with functionality in mind, and sound technique is not only a priority for safety, and strength improvements, but critical in preventing injury and long term biomechanical problems.

Wals program design and attention to technique is some of what the best I have come across, Wal takes an active interest in your technique and progress.

In the last 4 months I have been attending shared sessions at Achievable Fitness, with Wals support I have very quickly increased my strength, toned up and lost body fat. The programs Wal designs are always changing helping me keep away from boredom and prevent the body becoming stale, when I have had different goals in mind Wal has designed programs to help me achieve those goals.

I want to say thank you to Wal for providing this service, for people like myself who need to commit to a time and person, and ensure working out is safe, fun, and effective to each individuals needs. We need more out there like you!

Louise Natusch 22/8/2008
Peter Sunter

After finishing the Christmas New Year celebrations and after looking in the mirror and realising how out of shape we were we decided we needed to get into shape, with the usual dislike to gyms and the macho image they can portray we decided to find a personal trainer. we searched the local area and came across Achievable Fitness.

On our first meeting Wal we found his personal approach and gym set up to be very professional and we signed up that day.

Wal then set out a training program to suit our goals, after 32 week we were able to finish a 60km mountain bike race, 100km charity ride and a 10km fun run, all of this would not have been achieved without Wals professional approach and commitment to help us achieve there goals.

I would recommend Achievable Fitness to anyone looking to further there life and wishing to achieve there personal goals.

Peter Sunter 17/11/2008
Evio Contenati

Having reached my seventies where just getting in and out of a car was a painful effort, and my Blood Pressure requiring daily medication, a business colleague urged me to try Achievable Fitness with Wal Martin.

Within a couple of months my mobility had improved remarkably. I’ve been attending Achievable Fitness for an hour, 3 times a week for nearly 2 years. I enjoy not having to think about and plan exercises – Wal structures it all for me.

…and my Blood Pressure? It dropped dramatically!

Evio Contenati
Fatima Chin

Wal has been my personal trainer for the past three years. During this time life has had its ups and downs for me but Wal has proven to be a great support person.

In 2005 Wal developed my personal fitness level to such an extent that I successfully climbed Mt Kinabalu (13,000 ft) – just before my 59th birthday!

In recent times I have undergone chemotherapy treatment. Wal’s personal fitness program has helped me greatly inn coping with the demands of such treatment.

It is not just his knowledge of appropriate fitness programs that is his strength. I have appreciated immensely his caring, understanding and supportive nature.

Wal has my highest recommendation.

Fatima Chin
Jemma Willamson

Like many others had tried everything to get in shape, loose weight and improve my fitness. I tried several diet programs, expensive gym memberships and other personal trainers. I would initially make progress but never got the results that I wanted, nor the sense of accomplishment. Working shift work and in a stressful job I found it difficult to develop exercise patterns or find personal trainers that could accommodate my ever changing roster.

After spending thousands of dollars in other gymnasiums I lacked any real knowledge, confidence or understanding of exercise and nutrition. I found “chain” gymnasiums intimidating, the staff poorly trained and felt like they were constantly trying to “sell” a new product.
As soon as I met Wal Martin I was impressed with his knowledge, understanding and his confidence in me. I was comfortable working in his studio; which is an intimate, friendly and a happy place to train. I was no longer intimidated working out and soon began to enjoy my session.
Wal urged me to do well during my training sessions. He invested his time in me by explaining fitness, how the body works and how to prevent injury. He planned my sessions and kept a record of my progress.

Soon I could see improvements and felt fitter, stronger, happier and most of all healthier. I enjoy going to my sessions, reaching new goals and trying new things in the gym.
I would happily recommend Wal Martin as a personal trainer – my only regret is that it took me this long to find him and his studio!

Jemma Willamson
Isabel Kemp

Working with Wal has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my health.

For me, staying motivated has been my biggest challenge. I’ve tried to stick to numerous exercise schedules and have even joined a gym previously but the lack of self motivation and not having anyone to push me has always seen me give up after 3-4 weeks. However, one session with Wal and I’m still going 3 times a week six months later.

Wal’s a great guy; he’s friendly, positive and always has an interesting (and often humorous) story to tell. He’s created a great atmosphere in his gym and encourages friendly interaction between clients.

Wal always manages to make the sessions enjoyable. As well as directing me, Wal also lets me complete some exercises on my own, which I’ve found encourages self motivation. During my time with Wal, I’ve improved my fitness significantly and have become a lot stronger.

With his unique and personalized routines, I find that I’m enjoying working out. In fact, instead of dreading exercise, I actually look forward to my next session!

Isabel Kemp
Beverley Close

Exercise and I were never a good mix. I’m too lazy and not great at being on time and committing to exercising. These were the main reasons why I kept on driving past the sign on the roadside advertising Achievable Fitness Services.

After several months I finally went it, liked what I saw especially as it is not a huge impersonal place, and I haven’t looked back. I find I love it and really look forward to my three sessions each week. The workouts are great and Wal Martin arranges them so I am just pushed that bit further than I thought I could manage and I am constantly being surprised at what I can do, and do easily sometimes. There is plenty of variety and never the same old routines, each session is a surprise. I have muscles (small but there), greater flexibility and toning. It’s great!

My goals are being met without pain and struggle, and the main thing for me is I’m enjoying going to a gym and the other people there are friendly and motivated.

Beverley Close 25/1/2007

“Wal Martin has trained me for two years. My original goal was to complete a half marathon in 2006. The kind of coaching that Wal provided saw me through 3 half marathons with competitive finish times in 2006… His training could not be found in any gym. He offers a broad range of services in a laid back atmosphere. In particular he has coached me in areas of weight loss, core strength, running technique and posture. His training has given me a great base to my running… and he has done this so as to completely change my awareness to the ablve issues. I can highly recommend his coaching – it is professional, thorough and fun.”

Angela Pope

I initially sought assistance from Achievable Fitness Services whilst undergoing rehabilitation of a work injury.

I continue to attend on a regular basis in order to maintain fitness and weight control as well as target training for events such as Bridge to Brisbane.

Angela Pope 25/1/2007
Ted Morris

I have known Wal Martin in a professional sense since September 2004.

Wal has been and remains my personal trainer since that time. I train with him three times a week throughout the year and he manages to deliver a constantly evolving program that incorporates weight and cardio training.

I am now fitter, stronger and healthier for my participation in his personal training program. I believe that this adds to my quality of life both now and into the forseeable future.

Perhaps the greatest testament lies in the fact that my wife has now joined me to train with Wal. She found a ladies gym simply did not offer the training, health and fitness achievable with Wal

Ted Morris
James Johns

As part of our Elite Player Development we are always looking for ideas and training methods that will help our athletes to the next level. We have had several of our players conduct programmes with Wal and Achievable Fitness Servies, with great results. The overall strenght development approach that AFS use incorporating functional strength, movement and stability, compliments our end goals and provides our young players with a strength and balance advantage over those that they play against. I have no hesitation in recommending Wal Martin and Achievable Fitness Services.

James Johns Coaching and Development Manager
Eastern Suburbs District RLFC