Team Building in Brisbane 

Corporate Groups   Sporting Clubs

“The best ideas are born in the field of play”

    Are you looking to:-

  • Build Team Spirit.
  • Improve motivation & productivity.
  • Improve interaction & bonding.
  • Increase creativity & innovation.
  • Unlock strengths of individuals for the benefit of the group.
  • Increase the amount of effective co-operation in your organisation, both within & between teams to get the best results.








How we can help:-

  • Get to know each other in a pressure free, fun & healthy environment.
  • Unique indoor/outdoor venue offering a great recreational event with maximum participation.
  • We cater to ALL fitness levels so everyone can have a go.
  • We provide challenges that require teamwork, strategy & problem solving.
  • We eliminate office distractions & have FUN.

Team size     10 to 30

   Length of session    2 to 3 hours

        Price    $15 per head per hour

       Time    Saturday’s & Sunday’s

   Location    Unit 1/17 Watland Street, Springwood, 4127