Personal Fitness Training at Springwood 4127

Personal Training is our CORE business.

We provide fitness training for all ages and cater to a vast range of needs.

We find that many people think more about undertaking some exercise when their main goal is fat loss. Whilst exercise and a healthy diet work together to assist fat loss this is NOT THE ONLY REASON TO EXERCISE.

Controlled and specific types of exercise have been shown to assist with a vast range of other common problems in modern society. The benefits listed below are just some of the more common needs/goals these days.

So no excuses, come and talk to us about how using the longest established personal trainer in Logan City will help your Health and Fitness goals.


The following are just some of the benefits

of exercise, regardless of the weight loss factor.

Decreased stress levels

Reduced depression

Decreased risk of osteoporosis

Increases bone density

Decreased risk of heart attack

Enhances co-ordination & balance

Increased energy

Increased self-esteem

Increased mental focus

Tones & firms muscles

Improves circulation

Helps reduce blood pressure

Burns extra calories

Enhances quality of sleep

Increased strength & stamina

Improves posture

Reduces joint discomfort

Enhances immune system

May add years to life

Eases back problems

Improves body shape

Increases metobolic rate

Improves liver function

Enriches sexuality

Alters & improves muscle chemistry


How we can help you!

The underlying principal to all our various fitness training modalities is the application of  Effective Movement Training. (Refer Functional Training page for more detail)

We build a foundation based on the basic biomechanics of human design and function.

This creates efficient movement with minimum stress on the body.

This reduces injury both in training and everyday activities.

Another preferred form of fitness training we use is known as Metabolic Resistance Training.

This is essentially resistance training in some form done with less rest than normal which maximizes calorie burn both during and after exercise.

Utilizing body weight, free weights and tools like the ViPR (Refer separate page for more detail), we perform natural body movements with enough weight to feel challenged.

The focus is on timed circuits instead of volume. This burns fat as it tones muscle. (not to bulk but to lean out your body)

In summary, if your goals include any of the following, Personal Fitness Training can help you achieve them!

Weight Loss, Strength Training, Functional Training, Rehab Assistance, Sports Performance, Diabetes Trainer, Balance & Co-ordination, Bone Density, Moving & Feeling Better, Assisting with Chronic Disease or ANY fitness related goal.


I would highly recommend this Studio gym if you are looking for a “non typical” gym and a Personal Trainer that focuses on you and not just sucking up your $$$$$. Wal is the best and has extensive knowledge to help you achieve your goals and work with any problems that you have. I have a mild back condition and Wal designs workouts/programs to improve my condition. This gym is extremely flexible with your lifestyle and is a great place to come in and get your workout done with a great environment and a passionate Personal Trainer that truly cares about you



Wal is an exception in the personal training industry. Decades of experience with a humbleness that has resulted in him becoming more knowledgeable than most experts and allied health professionals makes. Wal the best personal trainer around. I would strongly recommend going to Wal no matter what your goals are whether it’s pre-season, in season or off season he can always optimise your physical performance!

James GraftonOctober 2017


Achievable Fitness Services helps me with a personalised weights program to maintain a strong core and upper body. Prices are very reasonable and the gym atmosphere is very friendly and down to earth. Personal trainer in the true sense, my program is tailored to what I want from a gym experience. It’s so rewarding seeing yourself get functionally stronger and fitter especially as I’m not getting any younger.

Alex R.7/11/2017


I have been attending gyms on and off for years, I have had personal trainers who can be effective, there are a lot out there who are unsafe, and ultimately end up being to expensive to maintain.

My problem was motivation to get to the gym, I know keeping strong and fit is beneficial to your whole being, yet that knowledge was not transferringinto action.

I stumbled across Achievable Fitness in Watland Street, and met Wal. I now make appointment times with Wal for my sessions, which is brilliant – I’m getting to the gym consistently !! (Consistency is the key)

Wal looks after my programs, provides technical feedback, motivation and encouragement, all this at an affordable price.

My experience of personal trainers, and my own education in personal training, has led me to believe that training with functionality in mind, and sound technique is not only a priority for safety, and strength improvements, but critical in preventing injury and long term biomechanical problems.

Wals program design and attention to technique is some of what the best I have come across, Wal takes an active interest in your technique and progress.

In the last 4 months I have been attending shared sessions at Achievable Fitness, with Wals support I have very quickly increased my strength, toned up and lost body fat. The programs Wal designs are always changing helping me keep away from boredom and prevent the body becoming stale, when I have had different goals in mind Wal has designed programs to help me achieve those goals.

I want to say thank you to Wal for providing this service, for people like myself who need to commit to a time and person, and ensure working out is safe, fun, and effective to each individuals needs. We need more out there like you!

Louise Natusch22/8/2008