Ninja Warrior Training

Our focus is Ninja Warrior Training for the Beginner to Intermediate Levels with some Advanced Level challenges

Do you need work on your:-

Grip Strength

Finger Strength

Core Strength


Proprioception Skills

How we can help you.

By combining the utilization of specific Ninja Warrior type challenges with foundation exercises to address specific strength and functional needs we can start and progress your skill levels to take you to that next level. Our challenges include the following-

Salmon Ladder

Peg Board Traverse

Dead Ringer


Various Rope Traverses

Gym Rings

Monkey Bars

Rope Climbs

Wall Traverse

Finger Traverses of varying widths

Plus more

Prices and Training Times

Currently run in conjunction with our OCR (Obstacle Course Race Training) sessions with A Sunday Session to become available very soon.

Current Sessions – Wednesday 6pm & 7pm.

             – Saturday 7am

Private Group Sessions by appointment (minimum of 8 participants)

Cost :- $12 per session