Exercise for Fat Loss: What To Do & How Much


           WHAT TO DO ?

Firstly, you need to get moving & you need to do it now !

When exercising for fat loss, there are two specific goals.

The first is to burn calories. How? Aerobic exercise- like walking, running, riding a bike or interval training like Tabata sets just to name a few. But if you only do Aerobic exercise, you may also lose muscle mass which is a problem as this will lower your metabolism. Also there is a good chance with aerobic exercise alone, you may not look as good as you can – as fast as you can.

So, the second goal is to preserve muscle & maybe even build some more. ( to stay strong, look good keep metabolism high & burn fat faster.) This means Resistance exercise- like weights, body weight training or circuit training.


Recent research indicates around 5 hours per week, on average.

But if you are currently doing a lot less or even nothing, than 5 hours straight up may be too much. The expectation that people can make big changes instantly in their lives -and make them last- is probably the main reason people fail to lose fat & keep it off. So, if you are doing nothing now, just focus on moving more & exercising an hour or two a week. If you are doing more already, gradually increase your volume until you reach 5 hours per week. Don’t forget to do both aerobic & resistance exercise.


Consistently challenge yourself to do a little more or a little better. Every time you exercise write down what you did, & the next time, improve on it. A little longer, a little faster, a little more intensity or a little more weight lifted.