Are you getting enough from your bootcamp?

Are you maintaining Lean Muscle as you lose weight?

Is your upper body missing out?

Are you looking for new challenges?




– The Ultimate Functional Metabolic workout.

– All weather sessions with indoor/outdoor combo.

– Benefits of heavier weight options.

– Train your WHOLE body.

– Maintain/build Lean muscle.

– Develop functional Strength.

– Take on NEW challenges.

-Join a fantastic group of like minded people who are fun & supportive.

Our sessions include the best of both worlds:

(a) Normal Bootcamp Style Training utilising running, hill sprints, shuttles, body weight exercises, box jumps, primal movement patterns (zuu like movements), agility ladders, hurdles, skipping etc.

(b) The “In Between” Stuff like dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, ViPR’s, tyre flips, tyre drags, sand bag carries, battle ropes etc.

(c) PLUS Functional Strength Training using balance boards, slam balls, wall balls, dead balls, log carry, tyre carry, ammo carry. free weights with heavier weights (to maintain or replace lost lean muscle), squats, deadlifts, cable machines etc plus improving functional movement utilising obstacles from our OCR Training.

These include all kinds of fun challenges such as Spear Throw, Hercules Hoist, Wall Traverse, Balance Beams, Jerry Can carry, Dead Ringer, Parallel Bars, Rope Climb, Monkey Bars, Pipe Crawl, Cargo Nets, High Wall, Tyre Runs, Roman Rings, Rope Traverse, Cable Drum Climb and more.

To be run in conjunction with our normal OCR Training BUT bootcamp participants will have a different program which includes normal bootcamp style stuff (a & b above) PLUS OCR challenges from (c) above.

Note- There is no obligation to do Obstacle races BUT the training IS different, challenging and FUN.

Sessions are held at our Studio located at 1/17 Watland St., Springwood.

Current session times are:-

Wednesday – 6pm

Wednesday – 7pm

Saturday- 8am