Ever wondered why some people seem much younger than others of the same age? Quite simple, it’s because their measured Biological Age is lower than their actual, Chronological Age.

The reason for this is that the ageing process is not predetermined. Ageing occurs due to the accumulation of subtle faults in our cells and organs through wear and tear. It is affected by both our genetics as well as the lifestyle choices we make. And that’s why someone’s Biological Age can seem different to their Chronological Age.

The BioAge software has been scientifically designed to give you an extensive health assessment that compares your Chronological Age to your Biological Age. As you may have seen, it’s been a great success starting in the 2009 series of The Biggest Loser.

You will receive an extensive report identifying priority areas that need addressing together with advice on how to alter lifestyle to enhance longevity and quality of life.

Testing procedures cover the follow areas:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood testing – Glucose Trigs & HDL Cholesterol
  • Body Composition
  • Flexibilty
  • Lung Function (expired air)
  • Aerobic Fitness ( VO2 max)
  • Push ups
  • Core Endurance
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Nutrition
  • Stress


Training package – BioAge Challenge Pack – $850.00

12 weeks x 3 x 1 hour sessions per week BioAge testing at the start and finish to track your progress

One Off Testing – $95.00 per test ( This is a great way to see just where you are at, what you need to address & is a great motivator to both get you on the right path & keep you on your way to a longer, healthier life.)