Baby Boomers Fitness

Designed by a Boomer for the Boomers

“Having grown up in the same world and traveled a similar road to many of you I have a unique understanding of both the interests and the problems of our generation. I can and will help you maintain or improve your lifestyles plus fight the chronic diseases that for many of us (myself included) come with our maturity.”


“These may be different for each of us but most have the same underlying limitations & most of us are not ready to get old.”

Do you want to:-

  • Travel (see below)
  • Maintain quality of lifestyle
  • Do volunteer work or participate in community
  • Maintain independence
  • Be self reliance
  • Preserve your youth
  • Feel energized & alive
  • Play with the grandkids
  • Manage health issues
  • Play more sport eg. Golf

Quality of Life Restraints

Loss of strength & function


Joint issues

High blood pressure

 High cholesterol


 Heart disease


Back pain

  Effects of stress

 Balance issues

  Lack of energy

   Lack of flexibility

How we can Help!

By targeting the specific needs of our generation and adapting our exercise programs to suit we ensure you will gain the full benefits that the appropriate exercise can give.

Benefits of Exercise

  • Stay active
  • Maintain or improve quality of life
  • Maintain or gain independence
  • Maintain or regain balance
  • Combat the effects of aging
  • Achieve your goals
  • Improve physical capabilities
  • Be energized


I have been training with Wal Martin from Achievable Fitness Services (AFS) for over 6 years. The last 5 years in retirement. Combined with a more active and healthier life style in retirement, the regular gym activity program has seen me lose 15+kgs, which has been significant after many years in a sedentary job.

The planned exercise (cardio & weights) has resulted in me being far more flexible, stronger and overall fitter than any time in the last 45 years. The huge advantage for me is in easily managing general house maintenance duties, projects (eg. cutting down trees, concreting), playing with Grandchildren and travel.

Since retiring we have camper trailed around Australia and also done some overseas trips. The improved fitness has allowed me to get into fairly remote areas of Australia, do the walks and sightseeing plus manage camping and travelling for up to 6 months at a time (always returning to AFS training in between). With our overseas travel and boat cruising you need to be able to get around (especially stairs) to truly enjoy the experience and options on offer (eg. bike riding, walking, swimming).

BoydAge 63 years


I attend Achievable Fitness Services 3 times a week and this:-

Enables me to continue to do tasks I already do/To relieve & eliminate my lower back pain/To have rehabilitation of my knee which was severely injured plus it gives me fitness to travel.

I have traveled in Australia and overseas and have found:-

Land Travel-Involves plenty of walking. Some sights are within walking distance, others they provide transport. The ground is not necessarily even but up hill down dale. Castles are usually big, on high ground, with plenty of steps of all shapes and sizes.

Boat cruises-These usually have many steps and a walk around the deck can provide your daily exercise. An excursion at a port has transport provided or you can walk. The walk can involve a gentle pace to a brisker pace over gentle slopes, hills and steps.

Fitness training, which with Wal from AFS will include balance work, gives me the ability to walk, climb steps, cross creeks and in general enjoy the countryside and a better quality of life.

MarilynAge 60+years


I was originally referred to Wal Martin from Achievable Fitness Services (AFS) by my physio to provide stabilization and strengthening following a knee injury. In the course of incurring this particular injury I discovered that I struggled to get back up off the floor without assistance.

Wal addressed both upper body strength and balance issues in conjunction with knee strengthening.

I also have an arrhythmia and prior to training with Wal could not exercise for long without the need to lie down. Four years on I still train 3 times a week at AFS and my improved strength, fitness, balance and in particular endurance contribute significantly to allowing me to pursue my interest in bush walking. Last year I walked the Inca Trail in Peru. Perhaps most importantly, I no longer worry about restricting my lifestyle due to my heart condition.

DaneAge 71 yrs

Fitness for Travel

For many Babyboomers Travel can become a new or improved option. There are hundreds of fantastic destinations both at home in Australia and overseas but many of the best of these have hidden challenges, especially when you may need to back up day after day.  Sound preparation is essential to comfortably conquer the walking, climbing countless stairs, canoeing, bike riding and other challenges that will allow you to maximize your experiences and have that “Trip of a Lifetime”.